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Yankee 1906

  • Yankee 1906
    The Yankee has been a fixture on San Francisco Bay since her abrupt launching on April 18th, 1906...when she was shaken off her cradle by the '06 earthquake! Please join us in celebrating the valiant and resilient schooner Yankee by sharing your photos, memories, and sailing stories.

Send us your memories, stories, and photos of Yankee!

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Robert Everton

The Bay will not be the same without Dick Ford. His work with the Yankee and crew will ensure his memory will sail on the bay for a long time to come.

He is an amazing man and I'll always remember the time he invited the male crew members of the Yankee to the Bohemian club for a dinner. Once we arrived Dick received a letter inviting him to sit with Walter Cronkite, who was sire that night. I think Dick knew just about everyone.

The last time I saw Dick was in Santa Barbara at The Biltmore. He stopped by to say hi after his high school reunion at Cate. I'm happy more than ever now that he did. I'll miss Dick.

Robert Everton
Maui 2007

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